We provide you with the following services

We will provide free information about
your institute and all of your programs.

We’ll put together a press
release for you.

On our platform, we will SEO
optimize your profile.

We will send you quarterly
analytics reports.

Take advantage of our
round-the-clock assistance.

All of your news, promotions, open days, and campaigns will be updated
on our platform and sent out to students and recruiters on a regular basis.

For you, we will build
marketing packages.

We’ll generate video interviews, travel guides,
and virtual tours for you to share.

We will design banners and
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On our platform, you can "priority list"
your program... and much more.

With one unique platform, you can connect with thousands of students and study advisers! Become a free member institution of ApplyClever and join a global network of over 5,000 educators. Reach out to thousands of international students and obtain quality applications for your programs that have been pre-screened.

We make the college/university search, admission, and post-admission process easier for every student by providing them with free access to your profiles and educational materials.

From Kindergarten to Ph.D., we welcome all educational institutions and will work with you to expand your institution’s global reach and variety.

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