Student job opportunities in Canada

Finding a job in Canada is not difficult. There are many job opportunities in this country and every person can find a suitable and favorite job based on their skills. The Canadian government has made it possible for foreign students to work during their studies and under certain conditions and hours and cover part of their expenses.

Some of the most common part-time student jobs in Canada include: librarian, educational translator, customer service assistant, sales assistant, working in a cafe, working in a restaurant as a cook, office manager, human resources assistant in companies and warehouse.

Student work does not require special expertise, and students usually learn quickly and start working with simple training or education.

As I said before, students can work full-time during the holidays and earn more money. Building painting worker, managing various festivals, being in charge of controlling student camps, working in rehabilitation centers, controlling and implementing recreational activities or working in a bakery are some of the job opportunities that students can work in full-time during the holidays.


Programming is very well paid in Canada. Competition in this profession is very high. Therefore, the mastery of work and the high quality of work can increase the chances of employment.

Student work in Canada; cash

Here, it is not bad to give an explanation about working cash or cash. Cash work is called work in Iranian shops and restaurants in Canada. Of course, because students have a legal work permit, this may not be very suitable for them. But sometimes, for some reason, a student wants to do these things.

Cash jobs are not registered anywhere, they do not need a work permit, and their income is different from the income of legal work and is less, but the working hours are longer. These types of work opportunities are more suitable for tourists who like to support their own food expenses during their stay.

The amount of student work income in Canada

We came to the discussion of salary and income. The income level of student work in Canada depends on which province you are in. The minimum salary of each province is different from another province.

Of course, it should be mentioned that a certain percentage is deducted for tax from the amount received. In Canada, two taxes are deducted from salaries. There is a provincial tax and a federal tax. The provincial tax is about 9% and the national tax is about 15%.

In Canada, income is calculated per hour (pay for hour) or annually (salary). Since students can only work in limited hours, their salaries and income are generally calculated hourly and paid every two weeks.

Salaries are calculated hourly, but considering that you need to know the annual cost of food and housing, you should consider the amount of income annually.

According to research, the amount of student income in Canada depends on the student’s individual skills and abilities. The minimum wage for students in Canada is about $12 an hour.

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