Student work conditions in Canada

In Canada, it is possible to work while studying according to certain rules and conditions. International students who have a study visa, work permit while studying, SIN number or, in other words, social insurance number and are registered full-time in one of Canada’s designated learning institutions can work outside the university campus without a visa and if Willingness to work in university campuses.

Well, you might ask yourself, what is the duty of part-time students or even conditional students? Part-time students can work if they have a work permit. Keep in mind that conditional students, who have to take a language course first and then enter a college or university, are not allowed to work during their first year.

Now let’s go to the continuation of the topic. What is the SIN number and how to get it?

Sin Number

SIN Number or social insurance number is a unique 9-digit code that is assigned to all people who have permanent citizenship or permanent residence in Canada, as well as to people who have temporary residence, that is, they entered this country with a study or work permit (except for tourists). ), Be issued.

This number is actually equivalent to the national code and is used to identify people who work in Canada and people who need to use Canadian government benefits and services.

SIN number is the first thing that every person will need before trying to work in Canada. Without having a SIN number, it is not possible to be employed in this country. All Canadian employers require a SIN number to hire their workers. There is no cost to get this card in Canada.

Having this number is essential for receiving medical, government, tax services, starting a business or investing, earning any income and benefiting from Canadian relief plans such as a Canadian purchase loan.

To get a SIN number, it is enough to go to one of Canada’s government service centers (Service Canada), present identification documents such as passports, and declare your status as a new immigrant. Keep in mind that if this card is given to others, it can lead to the disclosure of identity information or identity theft. So be diligent in maintaining it.

Documents required to receive a SIN number (temporary residence holders)

Study visa

Work visa

Valid ID

Documents required to obtain a SIN number (permanent residence holders)

Permanent Resident Card issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Proof of permanent residency, plus a photo ID such as a passport

Canadian visa attached to your passport

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