Student work in Canada

Student work in Canada is one of the topics that brings with it a thousand and one more questions. For example, how can we find a job in Canada? What are the student work conditions in Canada? What are the working hours of a student in Canada? Does his salary cover the costs of student life or not? and other…

Basically, providing for student living expenses in a foreign country like Canada is one of the biggest concerns of students. The idea of ​​student work comes to a student’s mind when he decides to go out for shopping for the first time after arriving in the destination country and settling in his place of residence. When he deals with the prices, he understands what the situation is and he should look for a student job so that he can cover his living expenses to some extent during his studies.

 Finding a student job in Canada

Working while studying is a valuable experience for students and helps them get used to life in Canada more easily and establish valuable relationships with others.

But the question that is often asked for students is how to find a student job in Canada, in a strange country? Many students are worried about finding a job in Canada. In the following, I would like to point out some strategies that are effective in finding a student job in Canada.

1. planning

If you really intend to work while studying, you should not interfere. Make a good plan and look for work as soon as you arrive in Canada.

2. Expand communication opportunities

I would like to point out one fact before anything else. In Canada, like in Iran, the discussion of familiarity and whether someone wants to introduce you for work is important and influential.

That is why it is usually emphasized that when you come to Canada, try to expand your communication opportunities, meet more people and make many friends. This method definitely helps a lot in finding a job.

3. Preparing a resume and checking job sites

Prepare your resume and be on the lookout. Keep checking job websites so that you can find a job that interests you and matches your skills.

Among the most reliable job search sites, we can mention: Workopolis, Eluta, LinkedIn, Monster, Career, Builder, SimplyHired and Jooble.

There are thousands of student jobs on these sites. You can send your resume and apply.

4. Activity in social networks

Social networks can be a good way to find work. In today’s internet and online world, posting a resume on social networks can get you to your goals faster. Today, many people find work through social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Create your profile according to the job you are looking for or according to the career you have in mind. Try to have an active presence in virtual networks.

5. Welcoming volunteer work

Voluntary work basically paves the way for students to enter the labor market. Volunteer work is very popular and respected in Canada. Volunteering has many benefits. Maybe in this type of work, the salary is not even good at first, but the good thing is that one can gain work experience and use it as work experience in Canada.

Of course, it goes without saying that there have been times when a student has been hired and worked in the same voluntary work due to the employer’s consent. Therefore, it is better to look at the topic of voluntary work with a positive and open view.

6. Participation in internship or co-op courses

Here, it is not bad to first give a brief explanation about the co-op or internship course. In the internship or COAP courses, in fact, a complete set of training is given to find a job. Like writing a resume correctly, or how to appear in an interview, what to say or not to say in an interview, etc.

After completing the course, the college will post a series of job vacancies for internships on its website. Each student chooses that job based on his interest or records, if he has any, and then applies. If his request is accepted, he will start working.

Co-op courses are usually unpaid. Unless the company or the employer wants to consider a small amount for the trainee. In fact, co-op courses are more for gaining work experience in Canada and can become a positive point in the student’s work record.

Keep in mind that there are many jobs that require work experience. Therefore, if there was a company that needed an intern or volunteer workforce, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

6. Stability

And the last word is to be positive and determined. Step forward with confidence. Keep negative energies away from you and never give up.

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